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Welcome to the My Pinelanders registration page! My Pinelanders allows you to review your personal information, see your team assignments, print a personalized game schedule, and print personalized registration forms.

If you already have your personal My Pinelanders access link bookmarked, you can continue to use that link. Otherwise please complete the form below, and click the Submit button. We will then e-mail your access link to you.

Don't worry if you don't have your link bookmarked: you can register as often as you like; and you'll always receive the same link.

The information you supply must match the information we already have in our file for your family. The e-mail address must be an address we already have for you. We will send your access link to this address.

If you have not supplied us with a valid e-mail address, please let us know.

Your family's last name:
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